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“Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The United States is in the unprecedented position of having to consider contingencies that have never before been required.

A populist demagogue who thrives on the fomentation of a cult of personality, this president displays the modus of a voraciously predatory malignant narcissist. Over a period of almost four decades, he has compromised both his business and personal integrity by resorting to taking loans from dangerous sources, since no legitimate sources were willing to engage the prevalent risk in his horrible credit profile and questionable business ethics. His credit was tanked because he is a terrible businessman suffering from acute Dunning-Kruger effect. He wholeheartedly believes he is the best at everything simply because he says so. All of these factors have set the stage for the nightmare that has unfolded in the geopolitical arena. That nothing overt has yet happened to ignite a global conflagration due to him being in the oval office is quite literally a miracle.

There is a very long list of grave errors and strategic missteps that have been made: by him as president, by him as commander-in-chief and by him as micromanager of diplomatic channels. Of the three, the latter point is perhaps the most disturbing. On the same day that he was inaugurated as president he recalled all diplomatic personnel from the field that had been appointed and assigned by the Obama administration with the exception of one. In fairness, this is often a matter of course in presidential transitions.

However, he never undertook the task of replacing any of the four thousand staffers for the executive branch that the transition of power requires, stating he was all we needed to represent our country. It was months before others in the white house coordinated a team to fill some of the vacant positions. This was a glaring example of his total lack of any understanding of the job and an emphasis of the need to listen to advisors. He was informed about the reasons why consulates and embassies must be staffed with qualified, experienced and dedicated personnel for the continuation of foreign relations and the best interests of national security.

But he doubled down, stating the ousted personnel were untrustworthy, loyal to the outgoing president. The second move he made on his inauguration day was to initiate the withdrawal from treaties and agreements that had been made under the Obama administration. Imagine how that was received in other countries. Imagine the precipitous danger in which we were suddenly placed. Imagine the backroom discussions the intelligence people of the various countries had to have to keep things from erupting into a shitstorm.

Now we have to make it to the point where he no longer has access to the launch codes. This may not be easy. He has fired the Secretary of Defense and replaced him with a sycophant and replaced others in the administration in like manner as well. Now he has set his sights on the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. His actions are those of a leader shoring up his political defenses. His Secretary of State has declared that no election result will be accepted and there will be no transfer of power. Think for a moment about the implications of that statement. This is the scariest time yet during these last four years. The United States is in the unprecedented position of having to consider contingencies that have never before been required. The transition of power will be orderly and good for the country and the world — or it won’t.

Producer and Writer of the online radio show Forbidden America. Writing an online TV interview show set for production in 2021. An emerging Voice-Over Talent.

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