Goddamned Freeloaders!

steve mcmanus
9 min readMar 2, 2021

I mean, it’s almost like there’s a problem somewhere…

(Senior Airman Destinee Sweeney/Air Force /armytimes.com)

American involvement in central and south America goes all the way back to 1795 when George Washington was the President and over the years we consistently and repeatedly sent the U.S. military to enforce the will of the political administration to protect American-owned agricultural and industrial interests throughout Central and South America. We killed lots of people in the Falkland Islands of Argentina, Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Mexico. We set up dictators that had our military protection so that companies from the United States could operate there very inexpensively or so that their industry could operate and benefit us strategically. Yeah, Baby. Remember, we’re the good guys.

We didn’t care if they killed shitloads of their own people as long as they didn’t upset our plans and threaten our profits. We always made sure to install right-wing control-freak dictators that ruled as totalitarians with the idea that with control things would run more smoothly. Even though that approach ALWAYS crashed and burned we kept doing it the same way over and over. Because the problem couldn’t be US. What is wrong with you?

Every single puppet despot we ever put in power around the world ended up imploding and becoming a massive headache. It usually involved the administration and/or intelligence operatives making promises to them that fell through. Usually because they — and I really don’t think I’m going out on a limb here — had no intention of EVER honoring their end of the deal.

In the 1980’s, Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras was a very busy place for the U.S. military in its fight against the drug trade and leftist paramilitary rebel forces. Today there are currently almost 90 operational U.S. military bases in Latin America. Historically, the overarching mission of the military in the region has been to halt the progress of leftist influence and the establishment of Socialist society. The business model of the 13 American Colonies and the eventual United States of America is Capitalism/Manifest Destiny/Rugged Individualism & Monotheism. All from the viewpoint of WHITE PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN MEN — ONLY.

That’s really important for you to understand. When this grand “experiment” was begun and the New World was targeted for European expansion, there were documents drawn up laying out a noble new set of guides and acknowledgments recognizing “inalienable rights” and so forth. The problem was, it was all bullshit. That’s right, it was bullshit. Bear with me. The fact that a bunch of rich slave owners put it together should have been your first clue. Without digressing too much, allow me to explain.

In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson made reference to the “merciless Indian Savages” and in Article I, Section II of the U.S. Constitution can be found the excerpt, “free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.” This refers to indentured servants, Native American Indians and African slaves. African slaves were counted as only three fifths of a human being. White Protestant Christian men regarded Natives and Africans as sub-human.

When it came to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” and “All men created equal” Jefferson — the owner of over 600 slaves — was talking about the liberty, happiness and equality among WHITE, ANGLO SAXON PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN MEN — ONLY. Not women, and not any of the sub-humans.

So when you hear these “radical” types say things like this: Capitalism and Christianity are two inexorably linked parts of the same business model — maybe they’re not wrong. Christianity strives to groom its adherents to believe they have an inferior worth and must have faith that if they obey, they will escape the wrath of God and an eternity of torment. This God is invariably portrayed as a white savior and is curiously bi-polar: he espouses his love for his flock of sheep yet threatens — and delivers — all manner of punishments for their indiscretions. Basically this God is a bi-polar malignant narcissist with a borderline personality disorder. Capitalists are sociopaths with unemotional, reptilian brains that operate on threat assessment and needs fulfillment — nothing is personal, it’s just lunchtime and you’re on the menu.

This is why the entire western hemisphere is under the constant conquest of white rule. If you are even tangentially familiar with the history of western civilization then you have a vague grasp of the conquests of Europe, Russia, the Baltic States and the British Isles. Whole lotta white folk runnin’ around killin’ n’ shit. The Pagan Gods gave way to the Catholic God and then came the Reformation. Protestants didn’t like that whole Pope thing. Way back in the early beginning of the Church, the Pope was more of a dynastic warlord / religious leader and the monks and priests had divisions, some of whom were a warrior class. Later, they just had the armies of their allies do the fighting. It was all about alliances and politics. Always has been. Money and power. Always follow the money.


After centuries of honing the execution of the business plan of winning hearts and minds to ensure compliance and backing it up with — how do I say it — ensuring compliance. They moved the show to the western hemisphere — you know, like we mentioned above. This was decidedly a white dude project, make no mistake. First it was the Norwegian Vikings that made landfall and stomped around for a bit, then we had the Spanish (led by a Portuguese captain), then a whole bunch more Spanish, then some French, Dutch, English. There were white people getting a foothold in the Americas as early as the late 1300’s. One thing is for certain: their religious upbringing and societally inspired racist attitudes convinced them the new lands were all THEIRS. Any people they encountered were: A. not people and B. could be removed. All of the people of the western hemisphere were about to endure 600 years of horror at the hands of psychotic Europeans.

As the white population increased and the landscape started to change with a more European influence there came a point when the business plan required slaves to make productivity cheaper and more productive. Because people were lazy. The British enslaved all kinds of people in the early years, both white and black. Becoming aware of a new and burgeoning market slave traders on the west African coast in Ghana and other countries hired local tribes and other enterprising mercenary types to embark into the country and capture people to be brought back to the coast as prisoners. They were kept confined in slave forts as they waited for transport ships. The ships were operated by the Dutch, Irish, Spanish and English. Money was to be made by everyone involved. A LOT of money. Any slaves trying to fight back or be uncooperative were tortured or killed in front of the others immediately just to quiet things down and maintain control. Make no mistake, this was a terror campaign run by murderous rapist kidnappers with zero conscience. They were the actual personification of evil.

Once the slavery thing was running smoothly for the white dudes, they decided it was time to spread out and see what was in the rest of the country and so they started to move west. As they did so they kept encountering many indigenous people — er, sorry, savages — and this often proved inconvenient and led to violence. See, white people are people and other upright types are just walking meat suits. And white people want stuff, and they’re the only people and the only ones that God sees, so they get to have what they want, and they want it all. This leads to a removal of all annoying unchristian savages. Since they rejected the white god, we (white men of the day) decided we could kill them with glee in our hearts, so we shot them all. All the men, all the women — after we raped them preferably, and all the children. We stole everything and burned everything else. We mutilated their bodies and made fun of them both before and after. One of the things men did was cut off the entire vulva, from the mons pubis to the perineum, of the women they killed. They would stretch it over their saddle horn as a trophy. They would also stretch them to fit as a hat band. They were proud of “hunting” and exterminating what they considered to be animals. They didn’t speak English, didn’t know about Jesus, didn’t live like white folk and goddamn it they WEREN’T FUCKING WHITE. Fuck ’em, kill ’em all.

And they pretty much did. 150,000,000 native people. 250 native languages and cultures mostly all gone forever. Murdered. I know this is the year 2021 and we’ve all seen and heard so much our whole lives. All the horrible stuff we’ve come to know about. We’re desensitized. It’s like we don’t see it when we see it. It doesn’t mean anything. We don’t feel anything. So take a breath and sit a second and visualize what I am putting across to you. Men were so full of their whiteness and adherence to church doctrine that they didn’t regard people of another color or ethnicity as PEOPLE. I mean, who the fuck did they think they were looking at?

In the time of the great burning times in Europe, the assignment of the church was to use the confessional to gain intelligence on what was happening in the population that could be used as leverage and when a person was accused of heresy or a woman was accused of witchcraft they were generally owners of property. Widows that had lost their husband and were now sitting ducks could be removed and her assets claimed and the heretic’s assets claimed upon execution. Clear the undesirables out of the way and claim the assets. Fast forward again to the New World. The Church convinces the good Christian settlers and colonizers that the natives must be eliminated since they are not converting in sufficient numbers. Remove them and us white folk will claim the assets. Same business model.

American foreign policy is this same business model. If they have what we want and we can’t work a deal that we like that delivers it to us — we’ll just bomb the shit out of ’em and go in and get it. Middle East ring a bell? It’s all about strategy, position and corporate interests. Military force creates destruction and refugees. Lots of refugees. We participated in or bankrolled most of the conflict in the Middle East, including the current conflicts in Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan and Iraq. The conflicts we created by creating an economic vacuum in central America has destabilized that area making it extremely unsafe. Because of this short-sighted approach to foreign policy we now have steady streams of refugees flooding into Europe and the United States from these areas.

Cyprus, a large island in the Mediterranean Sea is a famous tourist destination known for its archaeological value and beautiful scenery. It is situated about 100 miles off the coast of Syria. As a result of it’s location it is flooded with Syrian refugees fleeing the war. There are tourists walking around with their visa cards eating at the cafes and taking photos of the architecture while the authorities try to hide the homeless refugees out of sight but to no avail. Further west in the Mediterranean is the party island of Ibiza, famous for raves and world class DJ’s, where you can sometimes see the large rafts of refugees that have made it impossibly far. Not quite as far as Ibiza is the islands of Greece. You can see European and American tourists lounging on the deck drinking cocktails as they watch the coast guard vessels intercept the makeshift escape boats trying to make landfall. Sometimes they make it into Europe on their own, all the way to France. They sleep on the street near the Champs-Elysees within sight of the Eiffel Tower. Everyone complains that it’s unsightly but there isn’t any real plan on what to do about the problem.

They just keep coming in an endless stream of misery. We destroy their economies and their cities and their lives and we leave them with no choice but to leave and search for their best option. In most cases they leave running for their lives. If they stay they will die and worse. In Central America they will be trafficked and forced to be a drug mule or their kids will be abducted and trafficked, etc. In the Middle East they will be killed by warring factions who leave no survivors and they will starve in areas with no food or water once the infrastructure and supply lines have been destroyed. Our military-industrial complex has created a hell for these people. We have to admit it. We have to own it. We have to stop.



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