You’re chasing illusions

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Across several online platforms I have submitted examples of my writing. Among them are Substack, Medium and Vocal. I waited a few months before forming any sort of opinion, to give myself time to observe before drawing any conclusions.

On all of the above-mentioned platforms is an unrelenting stream of carrot-and-stick come-on’s to maximize income through diligent marketing of one’s writing venue. You emphasize that there are millionaire writers on these platforms.

So, is that the point of writing? Money?

It seems that this platform is focused on the paradigm that espouses that having more money places you higher in the pecking order.

You are not writers.

Life doesn’t work that way. You can’t always fix it.

Our house / Google Street View

On three different occasions in my life I have found myself homeless. Once while married and twice with kids. Once from being burned out. Again from employment downsizing and yet again due to injury.

There is no greater injury to the soul of a man than to have his family endure homelessness while they’re looking to him to be the hero they hope for and fix it.

Life doesn’t work that way. You can’t always fix it.

If you’re lucky — or maybe unlucky — you can ask for shelter from family. Maybe there’s a shelter in the area. They say they will not take men. So you put your family in the shelter and sleep in the car. If you have a…

Reading is HARD…..gawd”

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Writers will tell you few things are as frustrating as a reader giving feedback saying, “Too long, didn’t read”. After all the self-editing and further review by an objective editor who slashes the work even more, it is apparently too long for you. Your aversion to boredom is that strong, I guess. Lack of focus must be an issue for you in general, since — at least in my case I’m pretty sure — the writing is fairly interesting.

One skims a reference work instead of reading it as one would a book. It’s meant for skimming…

My Dad bombed Kurt Vonnegut…

This was 20 year old Staff Sergeant Frank McManus, Crew Chief of one of the ordinance crews in the 601st Squadron of the 398th Bomb Group assigned to airbase “Station 131” in Nuthampstead, England from April, 1943 through June, 1945. Frank was my Dad. I was born in 1960, the youngest of four kids and never knew anything about his war experiences. It wasn’t until decades later that I pieced together the story of what my Dad did for the Army Air Corps — the forerunner of the 8th Air Force.

credit: / U.S. Army

My Dad made bombs.

I mean, it’s almost like there’s a problem somewhere…

(Senior Airman Destinee Sweeney/Air Force /

American involvement in central and south America goes all the way back to 1795 when George Washington was the President and over the years we consistently and repeatedly sent the U.S. military to enforce the will of the political administration to protect American-owned agricultural and industrial interests throughout Central and South America. We killed lots of people in the Falkland Islands of Argentina, Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Mexico. We set up dictators that had our military protection so that companies from the…

My whiteness, like my name, is my identity…

Whipped Peter
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Unless you’ve been in a vegetative state during the last few years you understand that this is an intensely charged period in our history. There is an ongoing evolution of awareness unfolding in our society. As the winds of fortune have shifted, so too has the sense of urgency to deal with the formidable and pressing matters at hand. The issues we face are many, but one of the biggest ones is the fomentation of derision and polarization along political, cultural and racial lines. To say that the United States is in…

Compelling evidence that Covid-19 may have started in the U.S.

(USAMRIID/Getty Images file photo)

The assertions in this article have not been conclusively accepted as proven.

There is compelling — some would even say strong — evidence that Covid-19 didn’t originate in China. The virus was extracted in a military lab in Fort Detrick in Maryland. That lab has a bad reputation for mishandling dangerous lethal compounds such as Ebola, Anthrax, Smallpox and Plague. The facility was shut down for lax protocols. Reportedly some lab personnel were then approved to take part in the annual war games in Wuhan, China on Oct. 17, 2019…

When a book’s cover doesn’t match the story inside the pages.

“HK G36” by André Gustavo Stumpf is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

In 1994, I met the woman with whom I became happily married in 1996. We’re still married and have raised two great kids. They are ages 22 and 18 and have no idea what our lives were like before them. We currently live in the White Mountains in New England and this is the only community they have ever known. One of the reasons we moved here is to lessen the chance that we’ll run into someone who was incarcerated because of my work. Because prior to moving here…

Misty didn’t deserve any of this. Not one god damn bit of it.

Trigger Warning: This deals with rape.

On Sunday, January 13, 2013, the 70th Golden Globe Awards were held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel International Ballroom in Beverly Hills, California. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler co-hosted the event. In attendance was this woman, Misty Upham. She was a Native Blackfoot woman from the Seattle area. Isn’t she beautiful? Here she is shown attending the 2013 Golden Globes, as she had worked on the film, Django Unchained, which was nominated for Best Drama but lost to Argo.

The melting of the permafrost and the wholesale eradication of rain forests are releasing long-dormant viruses, and Covid-19 is only one of them.

“Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2” by NIAID is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This is still just the first wave of newly released ancient viruses. There will be more. Many more.

There are two studies that I have excerpted from the National Institutes of Health, in the 1st one I’m quoting 9 excerpts regarding the melting polar caps due to global warming and effects on other ecosystems; while the second study covering rainforest destruction has 3 excerpts. …

steve mcmanus

Producer and Writer of the online radio show Forbidden America. Writing an online TV interview show set for production in 2021. An emerging Voice-Over Talent.

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