Reading is HARD…..gawd”

“Reading” by dmelchordiaz is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Writers will tell you few things are as frustrating as a reader giving feedback saying, “Too long, didn’t read”. After all the self-editing and further review by an objective editor who slashes the work even more, it is apparently too long for you. Your aversion to boredom is that strong, I guess. Lack of focus must be an issue for you in general, since — at least in my case I’m pretty sure — the writing is fairly interesting.

One skims a reference work instead of reading it as one would a book. It’s meant for skimming…

steve mcmanus

Producer and Writer of the online radio show Forbidden America. Writing an online TV interview show set for production in 2021. An emerging Voice-Over Talent.

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